Samsung TouchWiz Home Latest Version APK Download

One of the most requested programs of the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus that everyone has been requesting for weeks is finally here. The stock TouchWiz launcher has been released and can be installed on all Samsung phones right now, and the best thing is that no root is required.

The Galaxy S8 comes with Android 7.0 Nougat out of the box. It is similar to the Nougat update that other Samsung phones have received such as Galaxy S7, S6 and Note 5. One of the main differences however is the new TouchWiz launcher.

The Galaxy S8 comes with a brand new redesigned launcher which differs a lot from the stock launcher on the Galaxy S7 and other phones with the Nougat update. The new S8 launcher has no button to go the app drawer. Instead, you need to swipe up to access the app drawer, similarly to the Google Pixel launcher.

How To Install Galaxy S8 Stock TouchWiz Launcher on All Samsung Phones

The best thing about the Galaxy S8 launcher is that it comes in APK form. This means users can install it as every other app. More importantly, there is no root required to install the launcher. Gone are the days when you needed root and a custom recovery to install Samsung launchers.

The app can be installed on all Samsung phones with a TouchWiz firmware based on Nougat, Marshmallow and probably even older Android versions.

Download Samsung Galaxy S8 TouchWiz Launcher APK | Nougat 7.0 / Marshmallow 6.0.1

The APK file upgrades your current Samsung TouchWiz launcher. If you don’t like the new look or you just want to go back, then you can easily uninstall updates and revert back to your original version of the launcher.

You surely have basic wallpaper and apps that are shown at the home screen. Date and weather are located at the top, then you can slide the top area to customize connection, brightness, screen rotation, and location. You can have three screens that contain application shortcut. To do such thing, you just need to hold the screen, then let them shrink smaller. In this mode, existed shortcut can be deleted through dragging to trash bin at the top. Slide to the next screen until you find plus sign in the center. Just touch that sign to create more screen.

TouchWiz Home for Android is divided into several areas. Firstly, you can get Google area where many basic applications are standby such as Play Store, Gmail, Chrome, maps, Music, Hangouts, etc. You can put shortcut from this app into the outside area. Moreover, cameras and basic browser are available at home screen for the easy access. As you know, you may use browser from smartphone or using Chrome from Google to access the internet.

This app also has disadvantages that needs to be considered. Smartphones from Samsung are various in term of size. It usually produces smartphones with the screen size more than five inches. TouchWiz is suitable to put more shortcuts. Unfortunately, you need to limit shortcut to put on the home screen. Another way is to add more screen which is not convenient to slide one by one.


  • New updates give attractive interface.
  • This app is accessible for basic application.
  • There are many features to manage the screen.


  • It is limited only for smartphone from Samsung.
  • You need extra touch when managing apps on small screen.

How to use

This app is proprietary for Samsung smartphone, especially Galaxy series. At first time, you just need to slide over lock screen to open home area. To manage the connection, slide top area to below then several modes are available to pick. You can choose mobile data or Wi-Fi mode. Besides, this part gives control for brightness to suit the environment. You can get utmost brightness when accessing phone outdoor.

You can see many apps such as Galaxy app, setting, camera, and apps that you installed from Play Store. Just go to edit menu at the top to manage or A-Z menu to sort the icons. To enhance the security and safety, you may change the way to open the lock screen. To add more dock, hold your finger on the center then TouchWiz will turn into small form. Go to the last dock and press + to get additional dock. Well, you also can change wallpapers and add widgets with menu at below section.


  • Bug fixes

How To Install

  1. Download the APK file from the download link above.
  2. Go to Settings > “Lock screen and security” and enable Unknown Sources.
  3. Install the app.

Now press the home button and you will be greeted with the new look of Samsung’s flagship phone. If you experience any issues during the installation process, let us know below. Do you like the new Galaxy S8 launcher or do you like the older versions more?

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