UC Browser

UC Browser is a minimalist browser designed to increase page loading speed and decrease system resource strain for the Android OS.

UC Browser Mini – Smooth New And Old Versions Free Download

UC Browser is an interesting product. It’s boldly attempting to enter the browser market that has historically been dominated by larger companies. It promises to decrease page loading times via advanced caching and compression techniques. It also omits certain features that its creators claim are not often used and take up excessive system resources.

Interestingly, it has voice command and gesture response features. It tries to make the browsing experience more natural and intuitive. There are a few studies around the internet that claim that it also has a lower resource strain and therefore leads to longer battery life. It even has an incognito mode that allows the user to browse the internet without logging anything on their local device regarding their usage.

UC Browser may have small advantages over major products, but it doesn’t have the advantages of constant patching and oversight that other browsers have. If there is a security issue or major bug, it will take longer to be fixed. It’s a superior product for people new to mobile browsing and who want something easy to figure out. For more experienced users, UC Browser would likely be wasted space on their phones.


  • Claims to load pages faster and use less bandwidth
  • Claims to use less phone resources
  • Has more natural controls than most browsers


  • Will not have updates and patches as fast as more popular browsers
  • Does not have the more advanced options other browsers have

Video Downloader for UC Browser

Video Downloader for UC Browser is an add-on that adds video downloading capabilities to UC Browser.

UC Browser is a modern, feature-rich browser that’s gained popularity alongside the top dogs. One feature that the browser does lack is the ability to download videos, which can be enjoyed again without using data or when you lack an Internet connection. The good news is that there’s Video Downloader for UC Browser, which is a plugin that adds that feature that so many users want.

Not only does this add-on add video downloading capabilities, but it integrates with the browser in a seamless manner. You won’t actually have to access the plugin. Whenever the extension can download a video, it will add a small, subtle arrow at the bottom of that video. Simply clicking that arrow will then download the video, and it will do so at whatever quality the video is currently set to stream at. The add-on supports any videos that are presented via HTML5. This won’t account for all videos, but it does account for most major video provides, such as YouTube and Vimeo.

Installing Video Downloader for UC Browser automatically adds a My Videos folder to your UC Browser. You can access it via the browser menu or from an icon in the lower part of the screen. Any videos you download will automatically go into that folder. Once inside that folder, you can delete files, edit filenames and even watch videos. Videos can be watched via an inline multimedia player, or you can watch them using the external media player of your choosing.


  • Adds video downloading to UC Browsers
  • Download from most HTML5 sites, including YouTube
  • Integrates seamlessly with UC Browser


  • None

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